Improvements of the Flexineb Mask Redesign

Nortev has redesigned the Flexineb Mask to accommodate a number of simple, but effective, changes to the end user experience of Flexineb. The update improves the controller pocket and exit valve.

Controller Strap:
There are 2 supplemental straps currently supplied with Flexineb: one to support the external aerosol chamber, and one to keep the controller inside its’ pocket. The size of the Controller Pocket has been reduced by adding tapered ribs to the sidewalls of the pocket. This means there is no longer a need for the controller strap which was implemented to prevent the risk of the Controller falling out of the mask. This benefits the end user by reducing the labour required to remove the controller for charging, cleaning & safe storage.

Exit Valve Open/Close Positioning:
The addition of two raised positional stops on the bottom of the Mask guides the user to a fully open or fully closed position. This means there is less risk of the Exit Valve been left in the open or partially open position and aerosol escaping during treatment.

Exit Valve Housing:
The fit and retention of the Exit Valve Housing in the Mask has been improved by increasing the diameter of the retaining ridge. This means it is more difficult for the horse to push it out during use.

These improvements will be phased in from August onwards. This will be done on a gradual basis across the colour choices of masks, as stocks of our existing masks deplete.

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